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Looking at the future

Torneria OML believes that investing in the continuous improvement of company processes is the key to being able to keep up with today's market evolution. Unlike a few yars ago, today satisfying the customer is no longer limited to providing a quality product, which meets the required characteristics and is delivered withing the agreed timeframe. Today's customer is a demanding figure, who not only pays attention to the product but above all to the processes that lead to it; he requires transparency, security and effective communication that allows him to respond promptly to market demands.

For this reason, Torneria OML takes part in numerous projects aimed at improving processes, from upstream to downstream; in this sense, in our reality there is a constant tension towards the strengthening of company flows, starting from the management of orders and raw materials, continuing with planning and quality and, finally, with production and packaging; the common objective is to fulfil orders in reduced times, while maintaining the quality and precision that distinguish it.

In this regard, for about a year we have been running consultancy courses for the implementation of a lean structure, in the purest sense of the term; starting first of all from production, and then extending the project to the offices, we are working on the creation of a leaner and more efficient structure, which eliminates waste, standardizes processes and, finally, maximizes the value created.

A company in constant evolution

We believe in continuous improvement and process optimization

Lean management

Separate the necessary from the superfluous
Sort materials to reduce research time
Clean and order work areas
Define and formalize new cleaning standards
Maintain and support continuous improvement